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Each year Lubar & Co. hosts the management from our portfolio companies at a private event featuring internationally renowned authors as keynote speakers. This conference brings the Lubar companies together to network, share ideas, and be inspired with new tools to put into practice.

Here are what past speakers have
said about the experience…
“Wow! What a phenomenal two days! Lubar & Co. has built something extremely special. You’ve brought together a diverse group of businesses across an even more diverse set of industries. I enjoyed our time together focused on the forces influencing the future. It is clear all the executives you’ve brought together are focused on defining that future over the long-run. Business models are changing as we move from digitization to datafication. To successfully navigate these coming changes, it will be less about adopting changing technologies and more about adapting to technological change. It will require organizations to grow and it is clear your unrelenting commitment to long-term growth not only unifies the diverse executives teams but ensures they will thrive long into the future. It is extremely difficult to grow successful businesses and even more difficult to enrich lives. It is clear Lubar & Co., together with the management teams you've assembled, are accomplishing these two monumental objectives and it was an honor to be part of this journey.” Shawn Dubravac, Ph.D. | Author, Digital Destiny
“Lubar’s buy-grow-hold strategy makes them by far my favorite type of private equity client. Sure, they are interested in and aware of short-term fluctuations, but their real bread-and-butter is finding businesses that will thrive over the long-term that need a bit of help. They don’t simply make investments, they grow companies. For a strategist like me who's made global evolutions my playground, it was gratifying – and a bit intimidating – to see how quickly Lubar could transform my big-picture thoughts into targeted actions.” Peter Zeihan | Author, The Accidental Super Power
“As much as I enjoyed delivering my ideas and lessons to the attendees at the Lubar Companies Conference, I can honestly say that I learned far more than I shared. I can’t remember an audience that was more engaged, more willing to offer up reactions to (and improvements upon!) my ideas, more eager to describe their efforts to rethink and reinvent how they did business. Better yet, I got to spend several hours after my talk listening to the presentations that member companies made to one another. My wrist is still sore from all the notes I took! It truly felt like a master class in strategy, innovation, and leadership, led by and filled with executives who love and care about what they do.” Bill Taylor | Cofounder, Fast Company | Author, Simply Brilliant
“I thoroughly enjoyed working with the great folks of Lubar & Co. at the Companies Conference. The level of professionalism combined with friendliness is a combination I have rarely encountered and enjoyed in my 30 years of consulting/speaking. The companies themselves are interesting and diverse but with a unified sense of purpose and team. I do about 80 talks a year so they all tend to blur into one another after a while, but I have distinct and very fond memories of this experience.” Brian Beaulieu | Author, Prosperity in the Age of Decline
“I was honored to participate in your annual conference.  Your commitment to professionally run businesses is evident by the quality of the meeting and the leaders in attendance.  It’s not often that leaders want to be pushed and challenged to think differently to look at their business through a new lens … yet this is what I walked away inspired by … every leader in the room was eager to Lift and Shift™ ideas from other businesses and other industries into their own.” Dirk Beveridge | Founder, UnleashWD
“Lubar & Co. isn’t driven by what they can GET OUT of their companies. They are motivated by how to ADD something of value that makes every enterprise more prosperous. That’s what the annual conference is all about: bringing in unique experts and provocateurs who can add value to all member companies. It was a first class conference in an inspiring venue.” Rebecca Ryan | Futurist, Economist, Author
Lubar & Co. Annual Conference 2015

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