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Building Businesses
& Enriching Lives

At Lubar & Co., we are committed to helping our portfolio companies achieve long-term growth through collaboration and strategic support: A successful approach for over 50 years.

  • Success starts with a talented management team

    We partner with, respect, and reward strong management teams.
  • Intellectual firepower grounded in common business sense

    Lubar & Co. helps build world-class businesses by providing capital, and expert strategic, operational, and financial guidance.
  • Long term ownership

    Lubar & Co. does not invest with an exit strategy. We start with and are committed to a long-term growth strategy.
  • Mutual respect and trust is integral to every successful relationship

    Day in and day out, we and our companies operate in an atmosphere of trust, respect and integrity.

portfolio of investments

American Pasturization Company
Zero Zone
Lake Express
Rockland Flooring
“For more than 50 years, our focus has been on honesty, integrity, and collaboration as the path to business success.” - David Lubar