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Professional Ownership®

As an experienced provider of capital and strategic guidance, we actively support professional management teams and help them achieve strategic goals.

The Lubar & Co. Professional Ownership® operating
philosophy is intertwined with our investment philosophy.
We adhere to these four key tenets:

Success starts with a talented management team.

We partner with strong management teams, and treat them the right way. For over 50 years, this is how we’ve created relationships that result in long-term value.

Intellectual firepower grounded in common business sense.

Lubar & Co. helps build world-class businesses by providing capital, as well as thoughtful strategic, operational, and financial guidance. We open doors and bring resources, ideas, and expertise to our management teams.

Long term ownership.

Rather than beginning an investment with an exit strategy, Lubar & Co. starts with a long-term business strategy. We invest our own capital and create equity structures that align our interests with management’s interests. Lubar & Co. demonstrates uncommon flexibility as we work with our management/partners in the event of retirement, recapitalization, partial sale of shares, or a third-party offer for the business.

Mutual respect and trust is integral to every successful relationship.

Day in and day out, our portfolio companies operate in an atmosphere of trust, respect and integrity.
“The consistent investment by Lubar & Co. in ChemDesign has allowed us to achieve growth through long-term strategic planning and smart capital deployment that typically would not be supported by private equity investors. This stability, in turn, fosters customer’s co-investment to support future goals.” - Dave Mielke CEO  |  ChemDesign