About Lubar & Co.

We are a multi-generational, family-owned private investment company in Milwaukee. Lubar & Co. provides the capital and business support to help the Lubar companies grow and achieve sustainable success. We don’t simply invest capital. We pro-actively collaborate with management to help companies reach their potential.

“I can’t think of
a better partner.
They’re engaged
and understand
what we’re doing.”
- Justin Segel President  |  American Pasteurization Company

We invest in people

At Lubar & Co., we support and empower promising and proven management teams. Our Professional Ownership® approach to building businesses helps each enterprise reach its potential, enrich lives and ensure its legacy thrives.

Looking for management teams ready to grow

Lubar & Co. invests its own capital using a buy-and-build strategy, backed by decades of experience in a wide variety of industries and extensive financial and operations expertise. Each of our portfolio companies has ambitious goals for growth, led by management teams with deep knowledge and experience.