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“Supporting Milwaukee Arts” Shel and Marianne Lubar

Sheldon and David Lubar – Wisconsin 275 Most Influential Business Leaders

Rockland Flooring Wins Quality Excellence Award

A Celebration of Sheldon B. Lubar!

Cultivating a Sustainability Journey

The Lubar School – An Approach to Business Honed Over Generations

Featured Lubar Entrepreneurship Center Donor – David Lubar

The Lubar Entrepreneurship Center (LEC) is beginning a series of features on donors to the LEC. The donors to the LEC support our mission of bringing entrepreneurship and innovation to both the UW-Milwaukee campus, as well as the entire Milwaukee community. Our first featured donor is David Lubar.

“Why the Present and Future are Bright”: Dave Bauer, partner, Lubar & Co.

The following is a link to a presentation by Dave Bauer, Chief Investment Officer at Lubar & Co., at the Smart Business Dealmakers M&A Roundtable event in February of 2021.

MBJ 2020 Real Estate Award Nominations: Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, University of Milwaukee-Wisconsin

In 2014, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) identified two specific but disparate needs for the campus – the need for a consolidated space for innovative entrepreneurship, and a need for an updated campus welcome center.

SOCMA: ChemDesign’s refreshed culture and benefits make for a growing female workforce.

Currently, more than 30 percent of the ChemDesign staff is women, with the largest concentration of female employees working in the lab. But the growing role for women at ChemDesign is on the plant floor as chemical operators. And as the ladies and leadership at ChemDesign will quickly tell you, the new dynamic has been a positive one for the organization.