Ready to grow. Not ready to retire.
Lubar & Co. invests in management teams operating businesses in niche industries. As founder Sheldon Lubar says, “We don’t invest in projects; we invest in people. We want to collaborate with ambitious management teams.”
Investment criteria
  • Revenues of $30 million or more
  • EBITDA of $5 million to $30 million
  • Enterprise values of $20 million to $200 million
  • Midwest-based from the Great Lakes to Texas

Industries we specialize in:


Many of today’s manufacturers are lean, innovative and highly specialized. Working with Lubar & Co. can help them strengthen their position.


Lubar & Co. has a long history of working with a wide range of companies that support our nation’s energy infrastructure through exploration, production, transmission, distribution and related services


Consumer demands for variety and convenience continue to shape the food production and packaging markets. A partnership with Lubar & Co. advances the innovation these companies need to succeed.


In a fiercely competitive climate marked by rapidly advancing technology, healthcare-related companies are working to improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of care.


The American economy moves at the speed of our transportation industry, which is why opportunities abound for companies that provide faster, more efficient solutions.

As an investment partner, we can help:

  • Build shareholder value
  • Develop and execute strategic plans
  • Provide a sound capital base
  • Finance growth
  • Identify, negotiate and finance acquisitions
  • Share operational insights
  • Provide corporate governance
  • Identify and mitigate business risks