Our Mission & Values

For any successful business, the decision to seek outside investors is often transformative. Employees, communities, financial security and legacies are at stake.



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The mission and values of Lubar & Co. have guided us through over 50 years of success in private investments.

Collaboration. We're committed to providing collaborative guidance and empowering the exceptional management teams of our portfolio companies.

Accountability. As a family-owned and -operated organization, we're directly accountable for doing the right things and producing the right results.

Respect. We respect the talents and expertise of our portfolio company management teams and employees, and we support them with the resources they need to succeed.

Leadership. Recognizing our responsibility to employees, customers, suppliers and communities, we work closely with our management teams to provide strong and effective leadership to our portfolio companies.

Legacy. As a multigenerational family business, we deeply respect historical practices while systematically pursuing, evaluating and adopting current methods and approaches.

Flexibility. We invest in companies in diverse industries and stages of development.

Endurance. We are steady and patient, investing our own money and bringing ownership stability to our companies, so that they can focus on achieving superior operating results and creating increasing equity value over the long term.