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ChemDesign and Austin Chemical Company, Inc. Announce Collaboration

Marinette, WI (June 1, 2015) – ChemDesign and Austin Chemical Company, Inc. (Buffalo Grove, IL) announce a collaboration to expand the field sales presence and awareness of ChemDesign’s expertise and capabilities in Custom and Toll Specialty Chemicals manufacturing, and Austin’s Services Products to their customers within the USA and Canada.

ChemDesign, founded in 1982, is a privately held contract chemical manufacturer. Its award-winning facilities are strategically located in central USA. ChemDesign is well known for its custom and toll manufacturing capabilities and as an independent provider of fine and specialty chemical products. ChemDesign’s value includes product speed to market, reduced capital expenditures, redundant production facilities, and cost competitiveness for unique, strategic, and second-source molecules.

Austin Chemical Company, Inc., founded in 1976, is a privately held sales and marketing organization with global presence to include Europe, China, and India. Austin provides chemical products as well as Sourcing and Procurement, Market Investigation, and other Strategic Support Services to its customers.

ChemDesign’s President and CEO, David J. Mielke, comments: “We’ve grown our technical staff and toll manufacturing capabilities to meet our customers’ ever-increasing needs as well as the needs of future other customers. Collaboration with Austin Chemical affords ChemDesign growth opportunity through a multitude of potentially new customers.”

Austin Chemical’s Chairman and CEO, Samuel M. Ponticelli, comments: “Since 1976, Austin has bridged the very best suppliers for products and services to its customers, primarily through foreign manufacturers. ChemDesign, through this collaboration, now affords Austin the long sought after custom and toll manufacturing presence within the USA for products and services to both its domestic and foreign-based customers.”

The two companies begin their collaboration effective June 01, 2015.

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