How We Work with Business Owners

For any successful business, the decision to seek outside investors is often transformative. Employees, communities, financial security and legacies are at stake.



What are your goals as a business owner? Contact us ยป today to discuss how we can help.






Why do business owners partner with Lubar & Co.? Because for over five decades, we've been collaborating with them to grow sustainable revenues, execute succession planning, and safeguard what matters most.

Listening closely to the goals as well as challenges of management teams, we provide strategic guidance that empowers them to succeed. It's about doing the right things, day in and day out, over the long term.

Here are some of the many ways we help business owners address succession planning, liquidity, growth goals and other objectives:

  • Management-led buyouts
  • Generational changes of ownership
  • Recapitalizations
  • Corporate divestitures
  • Growth capital
  • Majority or minority ownership positions

Learn more about our operating Professional Ownership® and investment criteria.